Sleep Consulting

Get Your Baby's Sleep Back on Track After a Time Change

Daylight Savings Time is one thing I am ready to see moved to the past! No matter how I prepare, I’m still dragging for several days afterwards and so are my kids. If your children are struggling with sleep after a disruption like DST, travel, or a weekend with a babysitter, you’ve come to the right place. In this video we discuss how to get your baby or child sleeping again as quickly as possible.

All About Sleep Regressions

Sleep Regression. All parents have heard this phrase and felt a little tremble of fear run through them. 4 month sleep regression? 12 month sleep regression? 18 month sleep regression? Will my baby ever sleep again? Do they all go through these regressions? This video covers all of those questions and many more including why they have sleep regressions and how to avoid them all together!