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why should i work with a sleep consultant?

Teaching your baby to sleep well (or sleep training as you’ve probably heard it called) is like a puzzle; there is a particular key that will make all the pieces fall into place, but it can be hard to figure out just what the key is. Books and articles can be very helpful resources, but having an professional child sleep consultant to talk with about your child who will help you make a plan that works for your family can be the difference between getting better sleep after a few nights and it taking months to see any changes.

what makes sleep baby different?

We're passionate about parents and helping them enjoy their babies and getting good rest goes a long way to accomplishing that. Our goal isn’t to give you a sample sleep schedule and send you on your way, we want to be a friend who comes along side you with helpful advice and encouragement as you and your little one learn just what they need to sleep better! That’s why all packages come with unlimited texting and email after the initial consult. We are available to answer questions as they arise, encourage you to stay the course, and to celebrate with you when you succeed!

Will we have to cry it out (CIO)?

Babies cry when they aren’t happy about something, and that often includes changes to their routines! Crying is how babies communicate and isn’t always a signal that you’re doing something wrong. However, there is no evidence that the Extinction method (leaving your child alone and letting them cry for hours on end) is effective or necessary. We can’t tell parents that teaching your child to self soothe won’t include any crying, but we will never tell you to ignore your babies cries and are not a proponent of the Extinction method.

what is your number one tip for parents who are struggling with sleep?

Consistency. Even very young babies understand much more than we give them credit for. You’ve got to stick with your plan and realize it may take more than one or two nights to change the patterns that have been established. Have someone who is in this with you and will encourage you to stay the course, like me!

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