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Emily and Baby B, 3 Months, Charlotte, nc

When I contacted Elizabeth, I was at my wits end. My daughter was nearly 3 months old and was wanting to be held 24/7. The only way any of us could get any sleep was by having my daughter sleep on me. I couldn't do anything without holding her and if I put her down, she would scream bloody murder. After contacting Elizabeth, she was able to help me get my baby onto a sleep schedule that worked for all of us. Within a short period of time, my baby was sleeping 12 hours every night in her own space and taking naps throughout the day. My baby is 6 months old now and everyone always comments on what a happy and healthy baby she is. We've come a long way from the screaming crying infant who always wanted to be held and I owe that to Elizabeth!


Bethany and baby J, 8 months, Charlotte, nc

Elizabeth King is A.Maz.Ing. Seriously.  For the first 7-8 months of my daughter’s life she was waking every 1-2 hours at night, staying awake for 30-60 minutes at a time during the night, and only napping twice a day for 20 mins each nap.  It was an exhausting nightmare. I debated about contacting Elizabeth for over a month because “I shouldn’t have to pay someone to get my child to sleep; it’s not worth it”; oh my word, it was worth every penny and more! Within a week of talking to Elizabeth and using her schedule and suggestions, my daughter was sleeping for 1.5 hours in the morning, 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon, and only waking once at night (from 7 pm- 7 am)- which was phonemail compared to where we started!! Even extended family and friends noticed a change in Jane and how much happier/more content she had become.  Elizabeth is so sweet and kind; it’s like talking to a friend (who happens to have amazing sleep advice) and she is always super quick to respond to texts/emails. My husband and I are so thankful to have found her and I highly recommend her to everyone with children


Sarah and Baby J, 6 months, Charlotte, NC

Elizabeth was our knight in shining armour! We went from refusing to nap or sleep in the crib, to taking 2+ hour naps and sleeping soundfully from 7p-7a every single day, all in the crib! She gave me the tools & support necessary to help my baby create healthy sleeping habits. We are forever grateful!


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